The novelist Yiyun Li treats a depression by reading and literature.

Yiyun Li in Paris sept 2015

Yiyun Li in Paris sept 2015

Her latest book, a collection of essays (1), has just been published in the United States where she lives and where it has received exceptional reviews. A short but very dense book that evokes her youth in Beijing, her arrival in the United States, her first literary successes and her serious suicidal depression in 2012. It is a magnificent hymn to reading and literature and she makes us share … Lire la suite

Yiyun Li: the difficulty of living with the memory of Tiananmen.

Yiyun Li à Paris photo B. Mialaret

Yiyun Li à Paris
photo B. Mialaret

Yiyun Li’s talent is now widely recognized; in a few years, she became a prominent author. Her latest novel, “Kinder than solitude” (ed. Belfond, September 2015), divided between China and the United States, shows the difficulties of a group of friends to live with their past.

We were able to meet her during her visit to Paris, where she participated in the World Writers Festival; she presents, after … Lire la suite