Sanmao, a wandering and superstar writer.

Nearly thirty years after her death, she remains a celebrity in China and Taiwan; a million followers on her Weibo account. Her best-known book “Stories of the Sahara” (1) has just been translated into English. A huge success in 1976 and ten million copies sold after a serial publication by the Taiwanese newspaper “United Daily News”.

Her memory attracts Chinese tourists, even to El Aaiun, the capital of the former Spanish Sahara, where … Lire la suite

Jean Francois Billeter and Wen, a love of nearly fifty years.

Jean Fran├žois Billeter is a well-known Swiss sinologist and professor emeritus at the University of Geneva. Some of his books are references such as “The Chinese Art of Writing” (1), which has been translated into English, studies on Zhuangzi (2), an essay on the contemporary history of China, “China three times silenced” (3). Other books deal with philosophy, politics, translation; the sinologist even becomes a polemist in his excellent “Contre Fran├žois Jullien” (4), the famous … Lire la suite