Qiu Miaojin, in Taiwan,her university years, her loves and the “Crocodiles”.

“Notes of a crocodile” (1) is a short novel, published in Taiwan in 1994, translated two years ago by Bonnie Huie for the prestigious New York Review Books collection, which had already published Qiu Miaojin’s best-known book “Last Words from Montmartre” (2).

It took more than twenty years for “Notes…”, which is a famous book in Taiwan, to be translated, a reference, a kind of lesbian code at the time. Qiu Miaojin, a writer of … Lire la suite

Wang Ting-Kuo, novels where love and ambition do not blend.

Wang Ting-Kuo is a famous novelist in Taiwan; his book, “My enemy’s cherry tree” (1) won numerous award in 2015 and was quickly translated into English after the success, the previous year, of a collection of short stories, one of which, “La Chute” is available in French (2).

These texts focus on two male characters of modest origin who try to overcome their frustration by building a professional success that will … Lire la suite